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Fun, Casual and Inspired Dining Experience
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Come for Dinner, dessert or drinks and stay for the revibe! This is where West County meets the West Indies and where Sonoma County fresh ingredients are incorporated and balanced among Jamaican flavors and cooking techniques. Yes, yes your first bite will leave you moreish and your last bite will have you feeling irie! We will compliment and differentiate from the other great local dining options by staying true to the revibe. When you dine with family and friends or just need to be in a fun positive space amongst positive people… come to Revibe Café and Scoop Bar.



Rooted in Community Values

Revibe Cafe and Scoop Bar supports and reflects local values. We appreciate that locals and visitors alike choose to live, explore and love here in Sonoma County where we value balance between our thriving communities and the beautiful natural surroundings of Northern California. We strive to respect these values in everything we do from how we source our ingredients (seeking local and sustainable agricultural practices) to how we serve our customers as neighbors and friends.



Committed to Supporting Our Communities

The primary goal of Revibe Cafe and Scoop Bar is to provide funding and in-kind support to local nonprofits that are revibing our communities. We provide 50% of profits on a quarterly basis to local organizations serving Sebastopol and the greater Sonoma County Area. It is important that we walk-the-talk by leveraging our finances and other resources to support community action and reaction. Please, check out two of the organizations we will support through these efforts:

Ceres Community Project We will be supporting the Teen Leadership Project

Sebastopol Community Cultural Center We will be supporting the TeensWork Program



Scratch Made Ice Cream
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Our Artisan Ice Cream is made onsite from scratch using fresh local milk, cream, cane sugar and other natural whole ingredients. We are committed to making ice cream the wholesome way by hand. Our chefs focus on quality processes to create wholesome and refreshing ice cream, free of the industry standard low-cost gums and thickeners. Our goal is to redefine your perception of exceptional ice cream that you will taste in every scoop. This high quality along with our exceptional Caribbean-inspired flavors make a difference you can taste in every scoop!



Lunch service 11:00am—2:00pm

Revibe Jerk Shack lunch menu coming soon!


Dinner Service 5:30pm—11:00pm*
*Limited small plates from 9:00pm—11:00pm during moon-shadow hours

  • Small-Styling Tapas9.77
  • Side Dishes5.51

Beenie Plates


  • Saba's Signature Curried GoatChoice-cut, slow cooked in a traditional brown curry GF option

  • Ital StewTraditional Rastafarian vegan dish with an array of vegetables, grains, spinners, herbs & spices slow cooked in a coconut creamVE

  • Tofu Curry RundownBraised Tofu in a rich green curry lemongrass and complemented with sweet peas and other seasonal vegetablesVE, GF


  • Revibe PattyFlaky herb-crust pocket with savory filling and served with a salad bouquet (ask server about today's take on this traditional comfort food)

  • Smoked Pulled Pork RotiSeared smoked pulled pork marinated in mild jerk sauce combined with a two cheese mix, julienne pickled slaw in an enveloped crust accompanied with micro green salad & canberry vinaigrette


  • Jerk ChickenChicken Breast with seasonal vegetables and served with yogurt blend, mango chutney, and micro greensGF

  • Jerk Salmon BrochetteSmoked salmon, with micro greens, poached quail egg, hummus spread, rosemary-spiced olives served on garlic toast

  • Jerk Pork SlidersSmoked and seared atop soft-rolled bun with Revibe slaw, ground provision fries and au jus for dipping


  • Indies Smoked SaladTossed mix micro greens, smoked bacon, shredded coconut pulp, almond, avocado, three bean, charred fruits and house vinaigretteGF option

  • Revibe Salad of the DayAsk your server about our fresh and local salad creation

  • Wah Gwaan Soup of the DayAsk your server about our fresh soup of the day


  • PlantainsVE

  • Yam Cod Cookup

  • Steamin' GreensVE

  • Coconut Rice n' PeasVG


  • BIG UP PLATES19.29

  • Revibe Lamb BurgerRevibe seasoned patty with basil béchamel spread, sautéed onions, tomato, leaf greens, callaloo, radish and ground provision fries on black sesame bun

  • Shrimp SkewersCoconut shrimp with brown curry seasoned risotto, braised leaf greens and garlic aoli

  • Roti Pizza House-made roast pork, jerk chicken, smoked bacon with basil marinara, three cheeses, assorted peppers and shallots atop West Indian rotiVG option

  • Oxtail StewTraditional stew with vaal beans, peppers, herbs and served on a bed of rice with garlic toast


  • Escoveitche Fillet Of FishA spiced pickled and citrus-infused fish fillet with julienne assorted vegetables, beans, coconut polenta and scotch bonnet pepper oil

  • ½ Jerk ChickenRevibe original slow jerk process applied to a ½ chicken to taste plus green slaw, roast pineapple relish, festival and pomegranate reduction

  • SteakGrilled Rib-eye in Jamaican jerk marinade, herb crusted potato mash, plum mousse, roasted asparagus & charred tomato served with peppercorn red wine beet reduction35.82

Tonic Bar

Beers on Tap

  • Drafts on Tap7
  • Moonshadow Happy Hour 9pm till Closing5
  • Craft Beer FlightThree 6oz. Glasses9

  • 3 DisciplesRye't of Passage - Rye IPA, 8% (Sebastopol)

  • 3 DisciplesHoney Bunches of Rose - Saison, 5.8% (Sebastopol)

  • 3 DisciplesHopacolada - Coconut Pale, 6.3% (Sebastopol)

  • 3 Disciples1st Crush - Pale Ale, 6% (Sebastopol)

  • Gowan's1876 Heirloom Cider, 5.7% (Philo)

  • Mad RiverJamaica Red, 6.5% (Humbolt County)

  • Maui BrewingCoconut Porter, 6% (Maui, HI)

  • LagunitasIPA, 6.2% (Petaluma)

  • MoonlightReality Czeck Pils-Lager, 4.8% (Santa Rosa)

  • Anderson ValleyBoont Amber, 5.8% (Boonville)

  • HenHouseRed Rye Saison, 6.8% (Santa Rosa)

Bottled Beer

  • Bottled Beer6
  • Moonshadow Happy Hour 9pm till Closing5

  • Red Stripe—Red Stripe, 4.7% (Jamaica, WI)


Glass/BottleCorkage Fee 12/Bottle

  • Horse and PlowThe Gardener Pinot Noir9/31

  • ImageryUpper Ridge Riesling8/28

  • ImageryViognier8/28

  • ImageryWhite Burgundy7/24

  • ImageryBio Dynamic Cabernet10/36

  • Iron HorseEstate Chardonnay12/39

Premium Bottled Beverages

  • Premium Bottled Beverages3.50

  • Cock-n-Bull Ginger Beernon-alcoholic

  • Cock-n-Bull Cherry Ginger Beernon-alcoholic

  • House Sorrel Iced Tea

  • Fiji Water

  • Vita Coco100% Pure Coconut Water

  • Sparkling WaterPellegrino,1 liter5



  • Coffee (regular, decaf)*1.50/2.00/2.50

  • Hot Tea1.50/2.00/2.50

  • Latte2.50/2.75/3.00

  • Mocha3.00/3.50/4.00

  • SodaFree Refills2.75


  • Espresso2.00/2.50/—

  • Blue Mountain Espresso4.00/5.00/—

  • House Sorrel/Star Anise Iced Tea3.50

  • Iced Coffee3.50

  • Revibe Coffee Special3.00/3.50/4.00

Great Tonics also to be Served

Artisan Ice Cream

Why is Revibe Artisanal Ice Cream Unique?

Truly Scratch Made—Our ice cream is made from the highest quality whole ingredients. Most ice cream shops use pre-made mixes that have gums, stabilizers and pre-packaged ratios of sugar and dairy. These are fine short-cuts to making good ice cream but Revibe believes that you lose control of the flavor profiles and clean-palate feel when you turn to outside mixes and gums. Here our chefs focus on quality from start to finish and balance flavors that make a difference in every scoop.

  • Single Scoop4.50
  • Double Scoop7
  • Triple Scoop9
  • Each Topping1.50
  • Revibe Original Honeycomb Cone1

  • Hey JackLoaded with fresh Caribbean Jackfruit (The Jackfruit is the largest tree-born fruit and highly regarded by nutritionists as a "miracle fruit")

  • Banana Musa ZingBanana with ginger overtones and lime zest

  • Papa's PapayaDubbed "fruit of the angels" by Christopher Columbus for it's holistic benefits (includes a hint of chili for a little more kick)

  • Calypso CoffeeRich coffee flavor that takes you back to the islands

  • Jamaican Rum RaisinSugarcane rum with toasted cinnamon accents

  • Hard-to-BeatBeet, sorrel and pomegranate to taste (aka triple red or r3)

  • Lester Young's "Plain Vanilla"Tribute to legendary saxophonist who coined the term to focus on those keys to music and high quality artisanal ice cream

  • Stolen ChocolateJamaican secret recipe stolen by Sir Hans Sloane and given to Cadbury® in 1860 (Borrowed by Revibe® in 2016)

  • The HerbVanilla base with mint, rosemary and chocolate delights

  • Sudanese TamarindIndigenous African/Jamaican flavor with salted almond

  • Short 'n' StoutBut tall on stout flavor

  • Passionate SorbetPassion fruit, coconut and mango uniquely balanced

History of Jamaican Cuisine

Jamaican food diversity and complexity is due to many international influences. These include contributions from British, Chinese, Dutch, French, East Indian, Portuguese, Spanish and West African culinary traditions.

Spanish and West African Influence—The Spanish arrived in 1509 and drove out the Native Arawaks who were the original inhabitants of the island. Many Slaves arrived with the Spanish who brought their spices, recipes and culinary techniques from West Africa. Additionally, the Spanish Jews contributed their unique dishes including Escoveitch Fish.

English Influence—In 1655, the English fought and won the island from the Spanish, who brought further European influence to the island. Sugar Plantations and slavery transformed the island. Many Jamaican culinary creations come with European influences like the Jamaican Patty which evolved from the English Pastie and the Spanish Empanada.

Chinese and East Indian Influence—Immigrant laborers from China and East India began to come to Jamaica when slavery was abolished in 1834 and brought with them new spices that were blended with others already present on the island. Of course, this included lots of curries which have distinct Chinese, Indian, Thai and other influences to create a wonderful eclectic balance.

African Influence—Jerk originated from the Cormantee Tribes in Africa and was brought to Jamaica by slaves. These slaves transformed this practice of smoking many of the meats, fish and vegetables that surrounded them on the island.

Rastafarian Influence—Rasta influence can be felt throughout the cuisine as seen in the balance of textures, spices and focus on healthful outcomes. Ital Cuisine formed from the strict Rastafarian dietary guidelines for eating healthy and at peace.

Revibe Café and Scoop Bar creates unique offerings and borrows from these many Jamaican traditions to create cuisine that benefits from this natural and historical fusion over many centuries. We aim to have the Jamaican Motto of "Out of Many, One People" resonate here at Revibe Café in Sebastopol. Enjoy the cuisine, the positive atmosphere and tell us how we can support your revibe!

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Until then please call us at (707) 827-8188 so that we may reserve a spot for your dining experience.

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